Airchecks? What are they? Airchecks are recordings of radio stations and or their program. Some recordings contain the entire broadcast and some have only the announcer's voice talking up a song. If the recording has the entire song, commercials and DJ, this is referred to as "Unscoped". This is what I collect! If the recording is edited in any way, this is called "Scoped". These are limited in my collection.

I am a collector of unscoped radio shows of 30 minutes or longer. Usually of a music format, but I occasionally record News and Talk Shows. My main interest is Music formats from the '60s, '70s and '80s, but collect stuff from the 90's and today as well. Usually good "live" talent and not voice tracked shows.

I don't sell my airchecks, I trade them. I am interested in trading for "Unscoped" airchecks only if they are on my want list. The only exception is if you have a decent quality aircheck of a station similar to the formats of those listed on my want list and from circa 1960 through the mid 1990's. I have to limit my trades due to the large number of requests and limited time I have.

If there is an aircheck that is needed and not traded for, I can charge my time, the media and postage to carry out the request. This will be handled on a one on one basis. This is a hobby for me and only for my enjoyment of archived radio from the past.  

 Note: There is no audio on this web page. It is just a listing of all the stations available for trade.

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